ProFam providers equipped with Business Skills


A cross section of VIPP cards made by the participants at the workshop

PACE conducted Business skills training  aimed at  strengthening staff capacity to deliver quality business skills to ProFam owners in a bid to improve on their business profitability.

The training was attended by Fifteen (15) participants discussed a series of issues including;
1. What it means to be in business;
2. The potential conflict between business needs and medical ethics;
3. Analyzing how to handle the responsibilities necessary to manage a business;
4. Exploring the seven business competencies;
5. Assessing their own strengths and challenges in relation to the seven competencies;
6. Reviewing available business counseling subject areas to identify which would be of greatest value to you
7. Developing a personal development plan to increase your effectiveness as a small business owner; and
8. Stating their own key take away from this workshop.
Participants were equally oriented to effective facilitation skills to enable them better deliver the training package to respective ProFam owners in the regions.


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