“Providing women with affordable access to cervical cancer screening and treatment

Today 21/10/2013 at Ridar Hotel, PACE has handed over 20 Cryo therapy machines to key providers enrolled on the organisation’s 185 ProFam clinic network, to facilitate cervical cancer screening and early treatment. Another Twenty (20) machines will be handed over by the end of the year making a total of Forty (40) Cryo machines. Prior to this, PACE trained 120 providers across Uganda and has reached over 25,000 women with cervical cancer early screening and treatment.

The initiative is part of a project supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and is one of the PACE’s contributions to the Ministry of Health efforts to address cervical cancer burden in Uganda and other issues.

Cervical cancer burden.

According to ministry of health cervical cancer is one of the two most common causes of cancer-related deaths in Uganda. Up to 3,577 women are diagnosed every year and about woman 2,464 die from a disease which is both preventable and curable once detected early. Uganda launched a strategic plan for cervical cancer prevention and control in 2010 to 2014. The strategic plan, published by the MOH, includes elements of HPV vaccination for ages 25 to 49, testing and treatment of those beyond vaccine age. However, today Ugandan women face a lack of accessible screening locations and treatment centres as such cervical cancer largely remains a death sentence.

 What we hope to achieve

  This project aims to provide the early life saving cancer treatment to mothers and women of reproductive age at affordable and convenient way.

‘’ PACE intends to screen and treat 170,000 women over the project period  ’’. Said Zach Akinyemi, The Executive Director PACE.

Under this initiative, all 185 ProFam clinics will be   offering Visual Inspection with Ascetic acid (VIA) to establish or rule out presence of cancer onset.If suspected cancerous cells are found, preventative therapy by Cryotherapy machines will be provided. Where there are no machines patients will be referred for cryotherapy preventative treatment either at a different facility.   In cases where cancer has already taken hold, the client will be referred for radiotherapy or palliative care at the national referral hospitals.

Where are Profams found?

The ProFam clinics are found in 52 locations across Uganda

A provider recieving the cervical cancer screening equipment from PACE and Ministry of Health officals

A provider recieving the cervical cancer screening equipment from PACE and Ministry of Health officals


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