Advocacy with Members of Parliament key in community health lead interventions

PACE together with New Vision is collaborating to mobilize and provide communities in Northern, Western and Eastern region with key health services.

During the planning, PACE discovered the importance of  mobilizing the communities through their members of parliament(MPs). Engaging in active advocacy with MPs goes along way to have buy in of opinion leaders thus success of such massive events. Bringing on board MPs makes them accountable to their constituencies. To PACE and its key partners its a chance to give back to communities with much needed health services especially Family planning, HCT, SMC and Cervical cancer screening among others.

The activations will be rolled out starting August through SeptemberImage and this will be a right time to get to know better the people we service, get feedback on how to do better and show case harmonization and integration among key service providers in the different health areas.

We will keep you posted through out month of August on the key milestones we reach and lessons learned.

stay tuned!

PS: PACE staff meeting some MPs on the upcoming rig activations in their different constituencies


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